quitting art.

yes. quitting art.

quitting the false narrative that i’m an artist that makes music for others.
that i ever cared about having my fantasy short stories shared.
that working on “Prime” (a manga i co-created with one of my best friends-link here) was ever really made in earnest to reach millions.

i made those things because the urge to do so was undeniable. the call to collaborate could not be ignored. there is a VERY big part of me that wants to connect, give, provide, grow, share, and live with a tribe, an audience. but i see now that part is not present in MOST of the projects i’ve worked on.

it’s not all selfish though.

tangential to every project i’ve worked i also managed to create this safe, open, creative, candid, and above all HONEST environment.  time and time again. and not only in artistic endeavors but often in work and in my social life. so what’s my point?

i want to bring THAT ETHOS to the forefront.  instead of callling myself an artist and yet moving like a recluse. i’m going to sit in the mirror and embrace the truth.  i most often make art for ME.

the process is electric and uplifting and in many ways doesn’t offer a bridge to the outside world.  there’s no doorbell.  no doorknob for the casual audience member. but there is this other work. the work of leaning back, listening, facilitating, and occasionally contributing. that work i’ve been doing my whole life. and now it’s time to share that process, that community, with the world.  this is a project for YOU.

and for those of u feeling a bit blue-balled, waiting for this trailer to conclude to reveal whatever mysterious form i’ve been alluding to hurry up and fuckin appear already. hang tight.  ^_^


much love.


episode 7 on insta
link here.