i am dedicated to swimming upstream. i’ve been laying the bricks. and for the first time, i have a row. and a row atop that. i believe. i can appreciate how rare momentum is. this blog shows that much and i’m thankful for that too. this will be a much longer run. i’m looking forward to the cold. the drowning feeling. there are so many ups and downs. and i’m willing to give up more than ever to sail. i know this now because i’ve finally begun to let go, and begin.


love you universe

old but new gift

there’s something special about not seeing a moment. chiseling. and then seeing a moment.  i feel that now in the edit. and what a thrilling rush it is. impatience, it appears, has been robbing me blind

strange to be back

it feels right. feels cozy.  no big announcements or commitments accompany this entry.  i won’t fight the natural. GTD (Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity by david allen) is here; a little under a year’s worth of experience from break-up, to goggins, to break-up, to goggins, hedonism off and on, and the rattling of my stable full-time gig all came to pass.  hello world.  you are wide, wonderous, wise, and unwavering.  as am i.

love you universe