1st to the 24th

hah! i haven’t logged in in nearly a month.
i don’t feel bad though. i never decided (with gusto) that i really was going to.  journaling and mediation have been far more consistent. and this is a form of journaling. so perhaps the bigger question here is why blog.

chasey camaraderie had a lot to do with it but not all.  let’s revisit this. in the meantime–guilt free baby! though clearly i’m concerned about it 😂


looked into my phone bill today.
only $383.28 left until my phone is paid off.

that’s $47.91 that will come back to once i have that baby in teh grave.
shoutout taking off the case, getting a few scratches, and discouraging myself from trading it in for a new one. if i kept the case on, my phone would be scratch free, and i’d have already sent it back for the “latest”