courtesy of Jerry Colonna via Tim Ferriss.

i already do: gratitude, classic diary “x, y, and z happened”, and exploring a particular topic or drama i’m focused on. that said the techniques below will be SUPRA helpful going forward:

“right now i’m feeling………………”


honor the different voices/selves in my mind. if it helps use different color ink. as they yell and whisper, give each of them screen time.

i also received some powerful QUESTIONS that will definitely prove helpful when suffering.

also good for thinking, meditating, and journaling. shit…questions i should share with others

  • how have i been complicit in creating the conditions i say i don’t want?(COMPLICIT not RESPONSIBLE. there’s a difference. complicit as in what CONTRIBUTION did i have??)
  • what am i not saying that needs to be said?
  • what am i saying that’s not being heard?
  • what’s being said that i’m not hearing?


these are all clearly classic therapy tools but they’re classic tools a reason. their dope.

thank you universe.

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