i’m a crazy man.

it’s just like EVERYONE around me saidjust start. you’ll get into flow AND love it. you love doing this KIND OF WORK.

holy fuck.

goddarnshit so much fun!!!!

it’s fucking crazyballs that i was soooooooooooooooooo avoidant. jeezuz fuck. once i just focused on EDITING. it. was. straight. glory. i mean ZERO pain. not to mention it was only a 3.5hr edit–i mean i have been exposed to the footie for a bit now but i really haven’t been thinking about it. shit. perhaps my subconscious has? or was i just hype to edit again? whatever the case i’m DONE with my initial rough cut.  kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa❤❤❤❤😂. it was so nice poking and plucking at numerous ways to tell the story. nudging the universe before me. it was DA BEST. hah.
oh man.
😁✌🏾i’m dead.

okay and now it’s 0518.. deets tom. or some other time. for now. victory 🙌🏾 i wish i was involved since the beginning on this project.  hm…. well maybe not. i just wish the footage was just coded better. like for real.

i will admit this: i REALLY HATE unorganized or disorganized footage.

a systematic setup means an easy workflow. and that means i can focus on the edit and just the edit. and man does that feel good. i will most definitely study/read up on classic editing styles and adopt all the industry-standard principles at once 😈😁❤💋🐱‍🐉💖


love you world.
bye now..

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