go through it, not around it. experience is left on the table when i avoid combat.

my mentor linked me with a family friend who needed an editor and colorist. she’s early in her career and talented. we decided to meet at 11am. i woke up to a call from my boss at 1100. normal nai would charm his was around the meeting. slide it to another day or exit the endeavor entirely— today i decided to go through it. i told her i woke up late, was willing to uber if she didn’t mind waiting, and that i was supra sorry for the fuck up. BEST DECISION. we connected. great vibes. and i believe we can really help one another.

after that i linked with a client. surveyed an upcoming site. networked with other creatives also involved. another win.

throughout the day my 9-5 was hittingmeup. normally i’d avoid it and use charm to heal the damage later. nope. not today. i picked up. i went through it. another swish.

where shame and anxiety would hover there is pride and experience.

daily goggins has been transformed into objectives linked to purpose.

so, what’s on the list?


  1. promo video for media company (editor/cinematographer/director)
  2. “heartbeat” short film (editor/colorist)
  3. event photography gig
  4. bumber for JC (editor/cinematographer)
  5. wedding (editor/cinematographer)
  6. music video (director/editor/cinematographer)

conversation series

candids (aka vlog)

promo arists in my circle (insta stories + small clips)


love u universe


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