“DOING” the conversation series.

i said i’d stand behind the conversation series but what exactly does that mean?

  • new episodes every sunday?
  • speaking candidly on this journey?

let’s touch on that for a sec. speaking candidly on this journey. what exactly do i mean by that? vulnerability. okay. but this still feels foggy..

a question from swan extended a helping hand: what does “REALLY doing” the conversation series look like?

that inquiry stuck with me.

and the immediate example that came to mind? voice-overs that closely mirror the tone in my current blog entries. splice that with some cinematic sequences and sprinkle on some classic vlog-style talking direct-to-camera vibes.

hardly revolutionary but it does open a possible conduit between myself and a whole host of people who are waiting for a larger conversation.


what do i see? the next level. letting experience rather than theory clear away the brush.  every day i will write and reflect on this series starting with this:

i have many special people who are fragmented.  i’ve done a poor job of connecting them. this can being to bind them together. cross-pollination among audiences. offer them another place to visit, re-visit, and be heard. a safe space. an incubation chamber for collaboative offshoots. somewhere we can learn. somewhere we can play. far enough out where we all do a little stretching. some mild discomfort to say the least but as in real life, if things go well, we adjust and grow. like nemo said: go to the next level and WHEN you get there THEN ask yourself how you feel. 


tomorrow afternoon i’ll film a short trailer for an event planner. i’m excited about it. it’ll be short. cinematic. and clean.  i’ll study some examples in the morning and map out a shot list. i’ll also pay special attention to the music and soundscape in the sample the client showed me. i liked the feeling and i can tell a good amount of the power was sound.


more everything.
love you universe

[late for 2/17/19, published 2/18/19 00:52]


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