DOUBLE POST: “balanced” decision-making

awwwww snaps. i thought i had this one solved but alas i do not. btw, shoutout my second double post. i made a resolution not to stockpile posts and instead ferry them out as inspiration hits. why? because this habit is meant to be DAILY. the only time i can see myself baking a post for future release is if i’m on vacation and will be away from the interwebs, otherwise, i’ll be here. shipping. everyday. every. single. day.

long debacle mini– i currently own a glidecam 2000. for those of you who don’t know what the hell i’m talking about it’s a non-motorized gimble aka it’s helps me get smooth shots. if that was still too tecky, it’s a handheld device that helps stabilize my shots so they don’t look “handheld.”  now for context, this was one of THE FIRST pieces of equipment i purchased for my camera. a few of my mentors use/used it and it’s been behind some dope works. now– like my drone is sat around for AWHILE. i was lost at sea and all my tools were gathering dust. slowly as i rose from my stupor i began activating those nodes. the drone–though currently out for repairs, is back in play. and now that i’m messing w/ the glidecam i’m becoming aware of a few disheartening facts.

glidecam is dope. but it works based on weight. it’s weighted at the bottom to offset the weight at the top. problem is my camera is SUPRA LIGHT. it’s a micro four-thirds mirrorless. and only one of it’s lenses is even “kinda” hefty. and i love her for that reason (rory is her name. yeah. like from gilmore girls. that’s neither here nor there but i fucking love that show– way ahead of it’s time. i never finished it but–ok. let me stop here.) so long story medium, rory even with a mic on her head is still too light!! i can reduce the weight on the bottom but even then it’s iffy and if there’s ANY wind out, the gimble fails. additional weight at the bottom of the glidecam would make for better wind resistance but rory isn’t heavy enough to counter it.  i never noticed all my mentors had heavier camera bodies. mirrorless was still newish then and though weight was mentioned (get the glidecam 2000 over the glidecam 4000–the 4000 is for even heavier camera bodies) no-one factored for mirror-less cameras, which again, are crazy light.

enter my dilemma. i’ve been holding off on getting a ronin-s, here’s the non-geek breakdown on that. the ronin-s is motorized gimble that you pop your camera into and it does all the stabilization work for you. drawbacks– issa little pricey and sometimes the shots look “robotic” vs the slightly more human touch that the glidecam has. a very nuanced issue. most hummies alive won’t be able to tell the difference.  whew. anywhoo. now i’m at this wierd crossroads. i don’t want to rationalize new purchases, ESPECIALLY since no cash is flowing in FROM gigs at the moment buuuuuuuuuuuuut i really want stabilization for some of the work i’m doing.

ronin-s goes for $749. i just missed a killer $200 sale/coupon combo. w/e i can’t help that. and to do it i’d just pretty much burn a check. suffer like a fresh catch pulled ashore while i pull back from all manners of spending. 90%, shit tbh, 100% of the gig that are currently in the pipeline requires stabilization, hence renewed zeal around glidecam training. but the glidecam is falling short of delivery the goods….

oh my, oh my..
what is a lost shooter to do…

love you universe

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